Contract Negotiation &

Client Representation

All contract negotiations will be handled by your lead agents at Baseline Sports,  Jonathan Bentley, Esp. (Owner/CEO), and Antwain Peay (COO).


With 16 year experience in this industry,  Baseline Sports has advised some of the top athletes in FIBA and over the years, Baseline Sports has negotiated numerous contracts both in the NBA G-League and abroad. Our track record of success representing players worldwide is second to none. We understand your brand is global so we built out our comprehensive service platform to provide full support on every continent.


Sports Marketing & Name, Image, Likeness

Baseline Sports develops a strategic, integrated branding campaign for all of our clients. Simply put, Baseline Sports is the best in the business at creating excitement about our clients on a global scale. Baseline Sports has long standing relationships with key executives from major companies and national brands. We utilize our extensive global network to generate corporate sponsorships, endorsements, personal appearances, film & commercial opportunities.


Business Advisory &

Financial Literacy

Baseline Sports has developed a business advisory & financial literacy program. We have assembled a best in class service provider team who are industry leaders. The simple goal is to provide financial literacy and help each client alleviate mistakes while managing their complex business affairs. Baseline Sports provides ongoing education as it relates to wealth preservation with a central theme of playing for today with an eye on tomorrow.


Media Relations

Our media relations team has over forty years of experience representing major brands and top athletes worldwide. Media Relations is a critical component of our overall marketing strategy. We develop and enhance your brand to create maximum value for you on a global scale throughout your entire basketball career.